What are the Different Types of Educational Technology?

Different Types of Educational Technology

The scientific, inventions and technological developments have influenced every walk of human life. There is rapid mechanization in the field of industries, defence, trade, administration, etc.

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The educational process does not remain untouched by these advances. It has necessitated introduction of technology in the field of education.


Hence Educational Technology came with its various forms which are as under:-

1. Teaching Technology,

2. Instructional Technology,

3. Behavioural Technology,


4. Instructional design Technology.

Teaching is purposeful activity. The ultimate goal of teaching is to bring all-round development of a child. The knowledge and practice which help in realizing the goal is the content matter of teaching technology.

Teaching is an art as well as science because teaching can be studied objectively an scientifically. Teaching has the scientific foundation. This has evolved the concept of ‘teaching technology.’

Teaching technology is the application of philosophical, sociological and scientific knowledge to teaching for achieving some specific learning objectives.


I.K. Davies, N.L. Gange, Robert Gange, Burner and Robert Glaser have contributed significantly in this area of education. Silverman has termed it as constructive educational technology.

Assumptions of Teaching Technology

‘Technology of Teaching’ is based on the following assumptions:

1. Teaching is a scientific process and it has two major components: Content and communication.

2. The teaching activities can be modified and improved.

3. Teaching skills can be developed with the help of feedback devices.

4. A close relationship may be established between teaching and learning.

5. The learning objectives may be achieved by performing teaching activities.

K. Davies and Robert Glaser (1962), have developed the content of Technology of Teaching and classified it into four elements:

1. Planning of Teaching,

2. Organization of Teaching,

3. Leading of Teaching,

4. Controlling of Teaching.

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