What are the Functions of Educational Technology?

Important functions of educational technology are briefly explained here:

1. Improvement of Teaching:

Educational Technology analyses the process of teaching thoroughly. It tries to find out the different variables of teaching, their interlinks, effects upon each other, relationships, theories of teaching, phases of teaching principles of teaching, maxims of teaching etc. By developing the theories of teaching, it helps in improving the quality of education.

How to Become a Teacher

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2. Analysis of the Teaching-Learning Process:

Educational Technology aims at analysing the process of teaching-learning thoroughly. It tries to find out the different variables of teaching their interlinks effects upon each other, relationship etc.

It is also concerned with various phases of teaching. The principles of teaching and the maxims of teaching are also analysed by it. Over all, it tries to establish better and better relationship between teaching and learning.

3. Improvement of Learning:


Educational Technology analyses the process of learning and the related theories. It facilitates more and more of learning in less time. It takes the help of various empirically established generalisations from psychology, sociology, physical sciences, engineering etc.

4. Fixing up Goals of Education:

The objectives of education are being reviewed and revised with the passage of time. Educational technology helps in finding out the right objectives. Everything in this universe is undergoing tremendous changes and with a very fast speed.

The needs and requirements of the people and hence education need be revised from moment to moment. Educational Technology helps in fixing up the right objectives in the light of the changed circumstances and changed environment.


5. Training to Teachers:

The changed type of environment with new curriculum and new materials is to be handled by the teachers. The teachers equipped with old strategies and methodologies of teaching will remain misfits.

Right type of training to the teachers is the need of the hour. Educational Technology can render its valuable help in the training of teachers also. The use of video tapes and close circuit T.V. will help the teachers to remodel and reshape their teaching behaviours suitably.

6. Development of Curriculum:

Keeping in view the objectives of education which have been finalised by education technology thereafter comes the question of developing right type of curriculum. Only a suitable type of curriculum will help in the attainment of goals.

Curriculum is the total teaching-learning environment which has to be modified and remodeled in the light of latest thoughts. Only educational technology can do this job of developing a suitable curriculum appropriately.

7. Development of Teaching-Learning Materials:

Teaching- learning materials are also as important as anything else in the teaching-learning process. They have to be in accordance with the environment of the learners. In this age of science and technology, the materials of teaching cannot be unscientific.

Everything of the society including values of life need be reflected in the materials. Only right type of materials will able to modify the behaviour of the learner suitably making him a fit person for the society. Only educational technology can develop the required and the desired type of teaching-learning materials.

8. Teaching-Learning Strategies:

A strategy plays an important role in the hands of a teacher in every teaching-learning situation.

The strategy has to be the right one which should be according to the materials and is able to bring about effective teaching-learning. The different strategies are being evolved by educational technology. The knowledge of those strategies is a must for every teacher. Then only the teachers will be able to do justice to their jobs.

9. Development of Audio-Visual Aids:

Audio-Visual aids have always played an important role in the teaching-learning process. They need be used according to the times. The software aids, the hardware aids, the computer and other such appliances, equipment etc., have “to be used in the present type of teaching-learning environment.

Computer assisted instructions will help the learner as well as the teacher to achieve the goals of education more conveniently. There is need of deriving maximum benefits out of educational technology.

10. Help in Overall Improvement:

Educational technology helps in locating the problems in the different areas of education. It also helps in remedying the draw-backs.

Evaluation of the teaching- learning process is also made better because through feedback, things are improved thoroughly and there is better control over the process of education. Thus, educational technology can revolutionize the whole process of teaching-learning.

11. Identification of Needs of the Community:

Educational Technology identifies the needs of the community. It helps in providing equal education opportunities to backward people, disadvantaged students and deprived sections of the society. It helps education to reach the remotest corner of the country.

The needs and requirements of the community are fast changing. Educational Technology aims at identifying the needs of the community from time to time. Then it tries to improve the community in every possible way.

12. Identification of the Needs of Class-Room Behaviours.

Educational Technology identifies the needs of class-room behaviour. As the mass education has reduced the standard of education, the use of educational technology can maintain and improve the standard by the use of teaching aids and programmed instruction material. Educational Technology can inspire the students in the class-rooms for self-learning.

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