What are the Fundamental Principles of Idealism and Aims of Education?

I. Idealists believe that spiritual world is real and the ultimate truth whereas the material world is transitory and mortal.

II. They hold that the order of the world is due to the manifestation in space and time of an eternal and spiritual reality.

III. To them, ideas are the ultimate reality. They are eternal and unchanging.

IV. To idealists man is more important than material nature. It is because man can think and experience about material objects.

V. The spiritual or cultural environment is an environment of man’s own making. It is a product of man’s creative activity.

My Life and My World: Idealist VS Realist

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VI. Idealism believes in spiritual values. They are Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The realization of these values is the realization of God.

VII. Idealists give full support to the principle of unity in diversity.

VIII. To them God is the Supreme Force which is omnipotent and omnipresent.


IX. Idealists insist upon the fullest development of the personality of an individual. Human personality is of supreme value and constitutes the noblest work of God.

Idealism and aims of education

The following are the aims of education according to the philosophy of Idealism:

Self Realization


Idealism considers self-realization as an important aim of education. Self-realization involves full knowledge of the self. The aim of education is to enable man to become his truest self.

Human personality is of supreme value and constitutes the noblest work of God every individual life has got the possibility of becoming a perfect pattern after his own self

According to Ross, “The aim of education is the exaltation of personality or self-realization, the making actual or real the highest Potentialities of the self.”

Spiritual Development

To idealism the aim of education is to develop the child mentally, morally and spiritually, Teacher should so organize education as to develop the child spiritually.

To them truth, beauty and goodness should be encouraged more and more. The more an individual realizes these ideals the more spiritually enlightened he will be.

Character Formation

To develop morality in man is an important aim of education. Man is essentially a moral being. Idealism emphasizes character building and character formation. The process of education must lead to the deepest spiritual insight to the highest moral and spiritual conduct.

Preparation for Holy Life

To Froeblel “The object of education is the realization of a faithful, pure and holy life.” Idealists uphold that education should create such conditions and provide an environment which is conducive to the development of spiritual values in a child. Good ideals will lead a child towards self-realization and prepare him for a holy life.

Preservation and Enrichment of Cultural Heritage

To idealists the aim of education is to acquaint the child with the cultural heritage so that he conserves, promotes and transmits it to the next generation. Our cultural heritage is of great value and worth. This cultural treasure belongs to the whole humanity and it is the purpose of education to preserve, develop and transmit it in all comers of the world.

Intellectual and Physical Development

The aim of education is to ensure the intellectual development and rationality of the child so that he may develop his innate and creative powers and thereby achieve his goal and seek adjustment with the environment. The aim of education is to ensure physical development of the child also. Sound mind lives in a sound body. Physically developed students can easily achieve their goals of life.

To develop the Feeling of Integrity

Idealists give full support to the principle of unity in diversity. They believe that implicit in all the diversities is an essential unity. This implicit unifying factor is of spiritual nature. The underlying divine force is God which is omnipotent and omnipresent.

On the basis of caste, sex, colour and religion there are differences in the society, but God is present in all humanity. Feeling of unity is developed among the students through education.

Development of Moral Values

The aim of education is to develop morality in students. Education should develop the will power of the child so that he may be able to follow the good and avoid evil. This power can be developed by the correct appreciation of truth, goodness and beauty which are the highest moral values.

Universalization of Education

Idealism is in favour of universalization is of education so that an ideal society may be established. Every child must have an access to education. In idealistic society, no exception should be made in the education of children. It should be universal because all human beings are equally the children of God.

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