What are the Methods of Providing Environment Education?

There is dire need to educate people about environment balance. Earlier we did not bother about our environment and took it for granted. We are now worried when we see that ecological and environmental (Air, Water and Noise) imbalances have started to occur in our life and have started to take their toll.

Do Your Part – Reading, Writing and Environment?

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It is imperative that we carefully manage our renewable resources of soil, water, plant and animal life to sustain our economic development. Over exploitation of these is reflected in soil erosion, siltation, floods, rapid destruction of our forests, floral and wild life resources.

It is only towards the end of nineteen seventies that Ecology has caught the imagination of people-of planners and educationists alike. It is the time to wake up or face tragedy or catastrophe of unimaginable dimensions. We shall fall victims to chronic and fatal diseases.


Some suggestions to educate people in this direction are as follows:

1. Environment Education in Curriculum

Environment education should be included in the curriculum. At the primary stage environment studies should be correlated with the nature-study, social studies and health education. Form class 8th onwards, environment studies should be made a compulsory subject.

2. Environment Education Corners


In the primary schools environment education corners should be set up. The pupils should be encouraged to carry out projects like cleaning up the environment, cleaning up vacant spaces, parks, school compound, lawns and other physically polluted areas of one’s surroundings

3. Arrangement of Extension Lectures

Lectures on environment education should be arranged in schools and colleges. Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. It is they who have to face the ecological imbalance.

They must be warned of and educated about impending disaster of ecological imbalance. For this, experienced persons working in the field of environment education can be invited for delivering lectures on different aspects of environment education.


4. By Arranging Discussions and Seminars

Students can be made aware about the ill effects of different types of pollutions through discussions and seminars which can be arranged in schools and colleges.

5. By Organizing Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities can be more helpful and useful in this field. Education for healthy environment can be given effectively with the help of various co-curricular activities being organized in the school.

Co-curricular activities like organization of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, excursions, declamation contest, organization of clubs etc. can help a great deal in this respect.

6. Publicity

Our general public and policy makers should be effectively exposed to environmental issues. We must broadcast talks over Radio, T.V. on these issues. Films can also be shown to people aware of the need to maintain ecological balance.

Posters can also be displayed. Hoardings at crossings can make People conscious of their duty in this regard.

7. Legislation

In view of disastrous effects of different types of pollutions, there is urgent need to adopt suitable measures to prevent air and noise pollution, over exploitation of fisheries, control of impact of mining on environment.

A provision for taking over the treatment of industrial effluents by the Government and preservation of landscapes is also of special significance. Old legislations should be suitably amended and strictly enforced.

In 1974, Government passed a law for the prevention and control of water pollution and set up a Central Water Pollution Board.

8. School Magazine

Teacher can invite the students to write articles on pollution and its ill effects on the humanity. They can take part in essay competitions. The teacher can guide the pupils regarding the literature available in this field. He can arrange poster competitions, declamation contests, dramatizations etc

9. By Encouraging Research in the field of Environmental Education

To control the problem of environmental imbalance, the need to encourage research today is stronger than ever before. Latest technology should be utilized in industries.

10. By Involving Students

Schools should take up cleaning campaigns, campaign against social evils like drug addiction, cleanliness of the surroundings, etc. The teacher should involve students in solving local environmental problems the teacher should make the students familiar with their close relationship to the environment surrounding them and tell about its contribution for them.

11. By Celebrating Environment Day:

To make students aware about environmental problems and their ill effects, there is urgent need to celebrate environment day in schools every year. On this day students should be made to understand the use of protecting the environment. Tree plantation programme can be gained and cleanliness drives can be taken up.

12. By Encouraging People Initiative

In order to create awareness about environmental problems and their bad effects people should be encouraged to take part in “Chipko” like movements. Such movements can be launched from time to time in different parts of the country against indiscriminate felling of trees.

These movements can draw the attention of the government as well as general public. We should give whole hearted support to such movements.

Teacher is an important means of process of education. Therefore when education plays important role in the formation of healthy environment, teacher can make as much important contribution. He is the architect of the future whom the children copy.

The responsibility of guiding the society lies on the teacher. He is the agent of social change and modernization.

He can impart current information to the new generation and develop outlook towards new values. He can prepare the students mentally for the healthy environment. Its effect is not only there on the student community but he can expand his area.

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