What are the Special Characteristics of Gifted Children?

1. Physical Characteristics

They are physically sound and rather better than the normal children. Their faces are usually bright. They possess vigour and vitality.

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2. Intelligence


Their intelligence is high. Their ‘g’ factor of intelligence is very strong. Some have a very strong group factor or V factor.

3. Inquisitive Nature

They are extremely inquisitive, and quick in understanding.

4. Varied Interests


Their interests are more varied than those of normal children. A gifted child of eight may read novels, write long essays, and study such subjects as history, geography, astronomy, grammar, physics and music.

5. Superiority in Academic Work

They are characterised by general superiority in academic work. Even in the elementary school, they do their best work on tests of reading and language 45% of Terman’s group of gifted children, when he studied, learned to read before entering school.

Regarding one child Terman says, “As early as 21 months she read and apprehended simple sentences, by 26 months her reading vocabulary was more than 700 words.


6. Well Adjusted

As regards character and personality traits they are well-adjusted. Terman states, “Even in leadership and social adaptability traits in which gifted children are thought to be especially deficient, most studies show gifted children to be somewhat superior to children of the general school population.”

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