What are the Uses and Limitations of Intelligence Tests?

Uses The main uses of intelligence tests are as under:

1. For Vocational and Educational Guidance

For certain vocations, we need a certain level of intelligence. That is known by tests of intelligence. Intelligence tests are very useful in educational guidance, i.e., the child can select the subject in the light of his I.Q. other than his aptitude.

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2. Useful in Class-room Teaching

Intelligence tests are useful in class-room teaching. The results of intelligence tests are of great help to a teacher in assigning work to individual students.

They are especially useful in the early part of a teacher’s contact with a particular class as an aid in making teaching effective by knowing the students’ mental level and in conducting discussion.

3. Used in Clinics


Intelligence tests are used in clinics and in mental hospitals in order to know as to how far the disease has impaired the intellect.

4. Grouping

Grouping in the class-room is done on the basis of intelligence test results so that special classes are run for the weak and the brilliant.

5. For Knowing Individual Differences


Through intelligence tests, we can know about individuals in a class.

6. Scholarship

They are used for giving scholarships to the students.

7. Useful for Employers

Intelligence tests results are useful for employers and for Parent-Teacher Conference.

8. Useful to Individuals

Results of intelligence test are useful for the individual also. He can know about his performance in a particular field.

9. Research

Intelligence tests are useful for research.

10. Promotion

Also used for promotion of students to the next class

11. For Knowledge about Self

Intelligence tests can tell you about your own intelligence and you can improve upon it.

Cautions while Using an Intelligence Test

1. The teacher must recognize that I.Q. (especially from verbal tests) is not a complete measure of a person’s worth. It is an indication of only one limited type of ability.

A person may have a good level of ability in many other non-verbal aspects of living, i.e., mechanical, social, artistic and musical. A child whose score on scholastic aptitude test is low should in no way be rejected.

2. Verbal group tests of intelligence must be supplemented by other types of intelligence tests.

3. Results of intelligence tests should not be declared to the students in a way so as to label a particular student once for all with a particular I.Q.

4. In case it is suspected that the child was emotionally disturbed at the time of testing, results should be considered quite tentative.

5. An I.Q. of 70 should be interpreted as an I.Q. somewhere between 60 and 80.

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