What are the Various Forms of School Management in Our Country?

The Various Forms of School Management in Our Country

Schools in our country are managed by the Centre, the States, local bodies, municipal boards, district boards, religious organisations, private bodies, registered trusts, and individually:

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(a) Schools Run by the Centre or States


As education is die responsibility of the Central and State Governments, these Govern­ments run and manage some schools. In the C and D lists of States the Centre manage the schools.

(b) School Managed by Religious Organisations

Christian missionaries were the first religious bodies that began to control education in the country. Other religious bodies like Arya Samaj’ Sanatan Dharrna Sanstha, Sikhs, Parsis and other religious people began to run schools and manage them.

(c) School Managed by Local Bodies


Primary schools are managed by the local bodies-the District Boards, Municipalities and Corporations manage primary education in the country.

(d) Privately Managed Schools

Private bodies have played a great role in the education of the masses because the Government did not find enough finance to run and control school education since the early days of East India Company.

(e) Individual Managements


Some individual run and manage their own schools and do not like to take grant-in-aid from the Government.

Thus, there are government schools wholly managed by the government the private aided schools run by different types of management, and private unaided schools.

Features of an Ideal Management

A good management has its own constitution. There is a managing committee consisting of elected or nominates these members.

The General Body elects or nominates members. A management committee has on its roll the representatives of teachers and of old pupils, the Principal and the members from the General Body. Some management bodies have seats reserved for guardians also.

The Manager is the Chief Executive of the Management Committee. He is the boss. He is responsible for:

(a) Solution of all financial problems of the school.

(b) Distribution of salaries in time.

(c) In maintenance of provident fund accounts of the members of the staff, and other accounts of the school.

Funds are kept in the name of the Manager. All moneys fees, grants, donation, subscription are deposited in his name. The payments to teachers are made by him direct or through the Principal or through a bank. The accounts are auditable.

The Management Committee is responsible for all educational matters of the school. It appoints teachers and headmasters or Principals under rules laid down by the Education Department.

Its orders are final. It sees that the relations between the Headmaster and the teachers, are happy, and where there are differences, the Management Committee tries to make the relations smooth.

A good Management Committee takes a keen interest in the school affairs and does not leave all matters for the managers to look after. All the members try to see what is going on in the school and pay visits in the right spirit for school progress.

The Management Committee sees that there is a proper accommodation in the school that equipments are sufficient and adequate, that the sanitary arrangements are satisfaction, that library and laboratories are properly maintained, that games and other co- curricular activities are organised well.

A good management has an eye on every aspect of school life and a wish to see the school developed.

But there are managements whose working is not satisfactory. The Managers and other members of the committee are illiterate, money-minded and have no interests in the school education. Some Managers use schools for their own benefit and the members of the committee connive at their actions.

The lack of interest in school affairs by members of the committee is a general complaint of private management.

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