What is Idealistic Curriculum?

Idealistic curriculum is thought-oriented and it stresses on those subjects which are related to the spiritual world.

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It provides for the training and cultivation of moral, intellectual and aesthetic activities.

For the aesthetic and moral development Herbart gave prime importance to subjects like history, fine-art, music, poetry, ethics and religion.


For intellectual development of the child literature, language, science, social studies and mathematics are included in the curriculum.

Ross holds the view that man can develop spiritually only when he is physically fit and healthy. This philosophy insists on a sound mind in a sound body. It is essential to keep the body in a proper working order through physical activities. Hence this philosophy insists subjects related to care of body and skills, intellectual, moral, aesthetic and religious activities in the curriculum.

B.B. Bogoslovasky in his ‘Ideal School’ has given the new scheme of Idealistic curriculum construction as follows:

The first is the universe division an enlarged science department in which students study the inanimate forces of nature, the origin of our solar system, the development of life and the entire background of human drama, the second section deals with the civilization division which offers an inclusive study of social sciences.


By civilization means all the activities, achievements and institutions of humanity which control our environment, and provide the necessities of life.

Security and comfort, food, clothing, shelter, technology, communication and government are all within the field of civilization. ‘Culture Division’ includes philosophy, art literature, religion etc. The fourth is the ‘personality division’ which offers study of physical, physiological, emotional, and intellectual factors that shape and determine the human personality.

Nature of Idealistic Curriculum is cleared through the following diagram:



Truth (Intellectual) Goodness (Moral) Beauty (Aesthetic)

Mathematics, Language, Religion literature,

Science, Geography, and music and art Philosophy Ethics

In nut shell we can say that idealistic curriculum insists on values and ideals.

(a) It gives more importance to religion, ethics music and art.

(b) This curriculum is thoughtful-centred curriculum. In this only those subjects have been emphasized which are helpful in the personality development.

(c) This curriculum lays more importance to those subjects who reflect the achievements of human culture and civilization.

(d) It includes the subjects relating to social, spiritual, intellectual, moral, religious and aesthetic activities.

(e) According to Home “Information will become knowledge, books will become tools and best ideas will become ideals.”

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