What is “Play” Method of Teaching for Children?

Naturalism made a very great contribution to teaching method at the early stages of education. Play way method was exclusively the contribution of naturalism. Even this method is considered important by educationists.

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The psychology of play way method was made explicit by Rousseau and several other naturalists. It was emphasized that all learning should take place in the spirit and by the method of play. Play reveals the child’s nature most clearly. It is considered nature’s mode of education.

To James S. Ross “Play way in its manifold forms in the outstanding general method of creative education and it is essentially naturalistic.” It is a method of teaching which includes all methods of learning which foster the spirit of joyous spontaneous creative activity.


At Neill’s summer hill school children play all the day if they want to as childhood is play hood. Play way method has become the ideal of all infant schools.

Montessori, Froebel and A.S. Neill developed methods of educating children which prominently use play way method of teaching-learning. In fact invention of play way method was a great contribution of naturalists to education.

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