What is the Importance of Evaluation in Educational System?

Evaluation is the pivot of educational system. Goals or aims are only cherished desires which decorate the reports of education commission. Curriculum also remains confined to booklets on syllabus.

Re-evaluating Training Evaluation - Is Kirkpatrick still relevant?

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It is evaluation alone which gives an exact idea of what has actually been achieved at the end of a particular period or stage as a result of the teaching-learning experiences, provided in the classroom.

Evaluation is also the process of determining the extent to which the aims and objectives are being attained. Again, the maintenance of good educational programmers and the improvement of techniques and procedures of education also require good evaluation.


It is, therefore, that there is a close relationship between objectives, learning experiences and evaluation. Object ship between objectives, learning experiences and evaluation.

It is; therefore, legitimate to ascertain how far our evaluation programme is in conformity with the philosophy that has determined the aims and objectives of education, its curriculum and its methodology.

It was this judgment that led the educationists in many progressive countries to search for the philosophical analysis which proved very helpful in thrashing out the issue and in overhauling the entire system of examination.

The term ‘examination’ which was mainly based on essay and which measured only the factual knowledge retained by the pupils, was replaced by the new term ‘evaluation’ which takes into account the growth of the child as a whole individual and in his total environment.


It is also this philosophical analysis which is responsible for the movement of objectivity in the field of relationship between philosophy and valuation.

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