What is the Main Aim of a Teacher?

The ultimate goal of the teacher is the attainment of the aim(s) of education for his pupils. Therefore, whichever method is appropriate should be practiced.

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After all, method is a means and not the end. Teaching methods should be chosen according to the nature of ends and means.

The teachers have also to put their maximum efforts in formulating the aims. They should select any method keeping in view the content or nature of learner, or the educational objectives. Idealists consider them creators and determinate of method, not devotes of some one method.


An idealist has adopted different methods according to the needs such as Socrates followed Question method, Plato developed Dialectic method, Aristotle initiated Deductive-Inductive method, and Hegel followed Instruction method and so on.

Most of the idealists considered Lecture, Discussion and Questioning as the best methods of teaching.

Froebel developed the methodology of play which is known as kindergarten. He regards the school as garden and the teacher as a gardener, whose main function is to tend the little human plants under his charge, very carefully, and thus help them to grow to beauty and perfection.

There is a regulated and directed freedom for teachers in Idealistic methods of teaching. A teacher remains active, in teaching. To Butler, “An Idealist teacher is the creator and determinate of independent teaching method. He is not slave of any method.” Idealism has advised the teacher to follow the method of teaching according to his convenience.

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