What is the Meaning of Delinquency?

Juvenile delinquency is one of the most serious problems of our times. Everybody has his or her idea of what delinquency is but many of these concerns do not take us anywhere. As such, we need a clear-cut definition.

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1. A juvenile delinquent is one who is a minor with major problems.

2. The best definition, “Delinquency is anti-social behaviour.”


3. “An offender below the age of 18 years is delinquent.”

This is the legal definition of juvenile delinquency.

According to CBI, Maharashtra among the states and Delhi among Union Territories top the list of Juvenile delinquents or child offenders. ,

The incidence of delinquency is rising amongst the girls also. You cannot simply say that it is common amongst boys only.


The forms of delinquent behaviour are:

(a) Loitering.

(b) Loafing.

(c) Pick-pocketing.


(d) Stealing.

(e) Gambling.

(f) Truancy.

(g) Sexual offences like eve teasing

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