What is the Meaning of the Law Effect?

The meaning of the law of effect is the effect of learning in answer to question as the success or failure of learning has very significant bearing on the law now under study Success brings with it satisfaction and along with it a strengthening of the relation of the facts.

Failure increases dissatisfaction and the absence of the relation amount the facts weakness them. Thus, we may compare success to a reward or failure to a punishment and desire to repeat success or avoid failure or the inevitable antecedents.

In 1932, Thorndike propounded a new theory on the basis of his experiments about the law of effect, and this he entitled “Spread of effect.” This novel theory postulates that by the activity of learning adjustments are not left unaffected.

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For example, the son of a businessman is ahead of his class in arithmetic because he has already learnt some accountancy in connection with sales in the shop.

In 1935, Thorndike made some modification in the law of effect, based 011 experimental findings. He now said the influence of reward or punishment is not equivalent and neither it is paradoxical.

The effect of reward is for more influential than that of punishment, the strengthening of associations due to reward is not paralleled by the demoralization caused by dissatisfaction as possible in order that he may learn with success.

Encourage the child when he does something and congratulate him besides rewarding him with object of desires in order to bring desirable spirit in his learning.

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