What is the Purpose of the Curriculum Construction?

In a democratic country curriculum construction is done with the purpose of realizing democratic values.

Hence, those subjects, activities and programmes are included in the curriculum which instill and promote healthy attitudes, dynamic habits, insight and understanding so that children are able to lead successful lives as happy citizens. The bases of such a curriculum are as under:

1. Diversified

Democratic curriculum is divisively to suit the needs of all children with basic differences of interests and aptitudes. Class-room activities, games, sports and other co-curricular activities bear an imprint of variety to suit various needs of children.

Diversification with the Assassinato

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2. Achievement of Social Aims

While constructing a democratic curriculum emphasis is laid upon social aims and values. In other words, development of social sense in children is kept in view. As such, student activities, associations, corporate programmes and fellowship programs are liberally provided.

3. Emphasis on Local Needs


Democratic curriculum is constructed on the basis of local needs and available resources. It may be changed according to the needs of time, place and local requirements.

4. Flexibility

Democratic curriculum is flexible to accommodate various needs and requirements which are in a state of constant change. A portion of it is made compulsory in the form of co- curriculum and diversified subjects are made optional for children to choose according to their interests and aptitudes.

5. Emphasis of Activity


Democratic curriculum is laid on the foundation of an important principle known as learning by doing. It is through practical work and activities that development of mind and intelligence is fostered.

Instead of enforcing and compelling cut and dried ready-made concepts into the minds of children, they are allowed to search for truth through their own experiments and experiences.

This is real learning. It develops confidence, foresight and far-sight, the three important ingredients of wisdom.

6. Provision of Vocational Needs

Democratic curriculum very well meets the needs of vocations, professions and economic requirements of a region or the whole country. This enplanes the country to develop economically.

7. Place for Leisure Hour Activities

Democratic curriculum also contains such relevant and useful activities in which an individual can profitable indulge leisure time. Thus, it ensures the total development of personality.

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