What is the Relationship of Philosophy and Methodology of Teaching?

Method is the procedure through which the aims of education are realized. And as we have already noted, aims of education are subject to the philosophy of life. It is, therefore, that there is close relationship between philosophy and methodology of teaching.


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Every philosopher formulates his own methods of teaching, according to his own philosophy. It is, therefore, that different schools of philosophy have laid down their own methods of teaching.

The naturalists emphasize the child centre methods of teaching. They recommend proper motivation and effective use of illustrative aids to capture and maintain the child’s interest in the lesson. The idealists believe that teaching is essentially an impact of the teacher’s personality on that of the pupil.


They recommend discussion method, rote-learning and a meditation in a cordial atmosphere. The pupil is expected to obey his teacher and have full faith in him. The pragmatists advocate that teaching is possible only in a social medium.

So they recommend project and problem methods of teaching in which the pupils are engaged in a useful activity of their own choice and interest. Thus, we can say that all the methods of education that have come into vogue, have been the result of one philosophy or the other.

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