What is the Role of Teacher in Environmental Education?

Environment is a word which describes all the external factors, influences and conditions which affect the life, nature, behavior, growth and development and maturation of living organisms.

Environmental Education Internship — Au Sable

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Environment stands for all those circumstances which assert their influence on the human beings since birth to death.

Whatever is present around us, above the land, on the surface of the earth and under the earth is environment. It covers the whole natural surrounding that is spread over around us.


It includes vegetation, like trees, plants, animals, birds, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes and tanks etc. The environment has been playing an important role since times immemorial. Environment is of two types-Natural environment and social environment.

1. Natural Environment

Natural environment is related with nature which includes air, water, forests, land, minerals, animals, birds, etc. or organic and inorganic substances.

All the components of the environment keep themselves in balance but man has polluted the environment by his ignorance and carelessness.


2. Social Environment

The social environment is expressed in the action and reaction of social relationships. All the aspects of man’s life are included in the scope of social environment e.g., political, economic, religious, spiritual, physical and intellectual etc.

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