A short note on Biological Magnification

Biological Magnification is the phenomenon of increase in concentration of pollutant per unit weight of organism with the rise in tropic terms.

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A regular use of pesticides would cause a gradual increase in its concentration. A higher of concentration of pesticides would cause suffering of brain, cerebral haemorrhage, and hypertension. Due to persistent use of pesticides led to biomagnifications of DDT and Population of many birds declined in many parts. Similarly, when radio nuclides are released into the environment they quite often become dispersed and diluted any may also become concentrated in loving organisms in course of food chain. This is known as “Biological Magnification”. At each tropic level the concentration of the logic materials relatives to other materials in the bodies of organism’s increases. The ratio of a radio nuclide into eh organism to that in the environment is often called the concentration factors.

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