Brief Notes on Animal Husbandry

The study of domestic and pet animals is called animal husbandry. It studies their types, behaviour and up keeping methodologies.

It studies their utility towards mankind and environment and the by-products produced by them. The subject of animal husbandry can be sub classified into following major areas.

(a) Animal petting:

The science that deals with the utilization, reproduction and its vivid uses is known as animal petting.

The petting zoo at the Grüner Baum Hotel Village - BIO Hoteldorf ...

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(b) Vetenary science:

It is the science that deals with the medical part of the animals.

(c) Dairy technology:


It deals with the milk products like milk, cheese, butter, curd, ghee etc.

Different Animals and Their Utility to Mankind

Different animals are useful to us in many ways as:

Cow provides us-


1. Milk which is used to make many dairy products.

2. Cow dung is used in biogas plant and fuel.


1. For milk and gobar

2. Useful in pulling buffalo carts.


1. Used in the process of farming.

2. Used in oil mill (Tel Ghani).


1. Eats human strata and cleans the localities.

2. Reduces the solid waste pollutants.


1. Keeps us safe.

2. Loyal animal.

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