Brief Notes on the Central Pollution Control Board of India

1. It advises the central govt, in matters related to prevention and control of water pollution.

2. Coordinates the activities of the State Pollution Control Boards and provides them technical assistance and guidance.

3. Organizes comprehensive programs on pollution related issues through mass media.

4. Collects compiles and publishes technical and statistical data related pollution.


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5. Prepares manuals for treatment and disposal of sewage and trade effluents.

6. Lays down standards for water quality parameters.


7. Plans nation-wide programs for prevention, control or abatement of pollution.

8. Establishes and recognizes laboratories for analysis of water, sewage or trade effluent sample.

9. The State pollution Control Boards also have similar functions to be executed at state level and are governed by the directions of CPCB.

10. The Board advises the state govt, with respect to the location of any industry that might pollute a stream or a well.


11. It lays down standards for effluents and is empowered to take samples from any stream, well or trade effluent or sewage passing through an industry.

12. The State Board is empowered to take legal samples of trade effluent in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Act. The sample taken in the presence of the occupier or his agent is divided into two parts, sealed, signed by both parties and sent for analysis to some recognized lab. If the samples do not confirm to the prescribed water quality, then ‘consent’ is refused to the unit.

13. Every industry has to obtain consent from the Board by applying on a prescribed Performa providing all technical details; along with the prescribed fee following which analysis of the effluent is carrier out.

14. The Board suggests efficient methods for utilization, treatment and disposal of trade effluents.

15. The Act has made detailed provisions regarding the power of the Boards to obtain information, take trade samples, restrict new outlets, and restricts expansions, enter and inspect the units and sanction or refuse consent to industry after effluent analysis.

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