Brief Notes on the Uses of Forest

Forest is vital to the ecological functioning of the planet. They also form the habitat for a large portion of the earth’s plant and animal species.

They are important to human for their prosperity and life. Some of the uses are listed below:


Wood is useful for mankind and it is also known as major forest products. It is used as fuel for cooking.

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Timber is obtained in round forms, known as logs. The unprocessed logs are used to make.

1. Timber


2. Doors and windows.

3. Lumbers

4. Veneer boards

5. Plywood


6. Sport items

7. Beams for building trucks and buses etc.

8. Paper, cardboard etc.


It is useful in making:

1. Scaffolding for building construction.

2. Meeting for domestic use

3. Flooring for dancing hall

4. Temporary structure like framework for tents etc.

5. Houses in North-East India are made of Bamboo.

6. It is also used for making paper.


Canes are used for making

(a) Sport goods.

(b) Domestic items like umbrella handles, walking ropes, furniture etc.

There are some other uses of forests are as follow:

(a) Products from forest insects such as:

(i) Silk (ii) Wax (iii) Honey (iv) Lac

(b) Oil from forest plants such as

(i) Sandal wood (ii) Khas (iii) Rosha grass etc.

(c) They are also used for manufacturing soaps, Pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

(d) Dyes, gums, resins are tanning materials from forest plants. .

(e) They are also used in industries for polymers making.

(f) Forests are also used in making medicine.

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