Essay on the Draft Declaration of Human Rights and Environment

The draft declaration describes the rights as well as duties that apply to individuals, government, international organizations and transnational corporations.

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The preamble envisages a deep concern regarding the consequences of environmental harm caused by poverty, debt, programs and international trade. Human rights violations may lead to further environmental degradation on long term basis and the environmental degradation, in turn would lead to further human rights violation.

The principles of the draft declaration are divided into five parts:


Part I:

It deals with human rights for an ecologically sound environment sustainable development and peace for all. It also emphasizes the present generation’s right to fulfill its needs to lead a dignified and good quality life. But at the same time it lays stress on the fact that it should be without impairing the right of the future generations to meet their needs.

Part II:

It mainly deals with the human rights related to an environment free from pollution and degradation. It also emphasized the rights to enjoyment of natural ecosystems with their rich biodiversity. It defines right to own native land or home.


Part III:

It deals with right of every person to environmental information, education, awareness and also public participation in environmental decision-making.

Part IV:

It deals with the duties to protect and preserve the environment and prevent environmental harm. It includes all remedies for environmental degradation and measures to be taken for sustainable resources.


Part V:

This lays stress on social justice and equity with respect to use of natural resources and sustainable development.

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