How oceans act as reservoir of resources ?

The oceans are a store-house of a large number of useful substances or resources. This is described below :

  • Ocean beds give us fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum. The ocean beds (land below oceans) contain fossil fuels like natural gas and petroleum which can be mined (taken out) by drilling wells into the sea-beds through the water of oceans.
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  • Oceans give us important metals like nickel, cobalt and manganese. The salts of metals like nickel, cobalt and manganese precipitate out of the sea-water and settle on ocean beds in the form of “nodules.” These nodules are an important resource for extracting these metals. Iodine is a non-metal which is extracted from sea-weeds.
  • Oceans act as a bound-less source of sea-food such as fish.
  • Oceans give us common salt (sodium chloride), which is so essential for our survival.
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