Non-Renewable Resources of Energy and Their Impact on Environment

Non-renewable Resources of energy and physical resources like Coal, Petroleum and gas. Being’ organic in nature and remaining as fossils known as fossil fuels. Such non-renewable sources of energy has boo. Impacts on man’s life. Air pollution, land pollunonland devastation is due to the utilization of coal. Here a given the accounts of conventional, sources of energy and their impact on the environment are as follows:


Wood is generally used in domestic fuel. It is also used in industries.

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Impact on Environments:

  • Burning of wood produces smoke and pollutant gasses like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
  • The uses of wood cause the destruction of forest which may affect the environmental condition.


Coal is the important fuel used as domestic fuel and production of thermal electricity. Various materials sucbas Coaltar. Coal gas D.D.T., naphthalene, Saccharin etc. are also produced from Coal. Coal is the most valuable fossil power, the product of nature. It is also called black diamond.

Impact of coal on Environment:

  • The open mining causes extensive damage to lands cape.
  • Mining of coal generates dust which causes environmental pollution and long term illness.
  • Coal consumption generates some harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which cause air pollution.
  • It helps in stream acidification.
  • Petroleum: Petroleum is the mineral oil, the most important fossil fuel. The materials like petrol, diesel, kerosene lubricating oil, Vaseline etc. are produced from it.


Impact on Environment:

  • Petroleum products produce carbon dioxide, oxides of sulpher etc. Carbon dioxide leads to global warning.
  • In complete combustion of fossil fuel produces carbon monoxide, sulpher dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbon, fly ash, volatile materials and smoke, dust, dirt etc. which pollute the air water and soil. Petroleum produces helps in the major pollution of the environment.

Natural Gas:

It occurs inside the earth’s crust along with oil. It consists of methane, ethane and other oxides of carbon.

Impact on Environment of Natural Gas:

  • It also pollutes air.
  • It may generate green house gases leading to global warning.
  • Hydrogen Energy: It is utilized to produce hydroelectricity. Presently electricity is generated from tide.


Nuclear Energy:

Nuclear Power is essentially thermal electricity generating plant which use steam to drive turbine. Uranium 235 is used to produce steam and gives unlimited energy.

Impact on Environment:

  • Environmental obstacles may occur due to the accident of nuclear power station.
  • Transportation and dumping of waste product in unclear power project plants have been found to be hazadous to the environment.
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