Sustainable development with regards to population growth, poverty and environmental growth

Environmental is defined as the whole physical and biological system encompassing man and other organisms along with interacting components. If the present trend of economic growth and technological advances based on human ingenuity will produce a less crowded less polluted world in which people will be healthier, will live longer and will have greater material wealth. The Neo-Malthusianism believe that if present trend continue the world will become more crowded and more polluted leading to greater political and economic instability.

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The Neo-Malthusians have a sustainable Earth view. Seeing the earth as a place with finite room and resources they believe that the ever increasing production and consumption inevitably put severe stress on the natural process that renew and maintain the air, water and soil.

Our civilization has three types of cultural transition starting with the hunter gatherer society where humans lived in nature and where population size and relative environmental effect were low. Next came the early agricultural society with a human Vs. nature relationship. The population size and the relative environmental impact were comparatively more. The third is the industrialization which leads to industrialized society. Although the population size is high, the environmental impact is relatively low. But presently, the numbers are so large and the forms of technology are so powerful that we are at a critical turning point in human cultural development.


The next cultural transition will be of three types such as

  1. Heavily advanced technological society with human Vs. nature relationship.
  2. Advanced hunter-gather societies after resource depletion with a human in nature relationship.
  3. Sustainable Earth society with human and nature relationship.

The first type is throw-away world view and the third type is the ultimate result of over population and resource depletion. To make a change from our present situation to a sustainable earth situation are must learn how to work with nature and pressure our life support by reduction of the rate of population growth and reducing unnecessary use of resources.

Approaches of a sustainable Earth society:

  1. Recycling and reuse of much of the matter otherwise being wasted.
  2. Conserving both matter and energy by reducing the unnecessary waste.
  3. Building things that last longer and are easier to recycle and reuse and repair.
  4. To car down use of resources by controlling population growth.

For the purpose the problem of population growth and poverty to be reduced. Appropriate environmental management to be done and ecosystem to be restored by the sustainable approaches like –

  1. Population control and health care.
  2. Water pollution controls.
  3. Development of alternative non-polluting. Renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind, and biomass.
  4. Conservation of biological diversity.
  5. Introduction of Environmental education and steps of awareness with society.
  6. Solid waste utilization through recycling.
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