The Environment Protection Act 1986

The Environmental Act 1986 puts emphasis on that specific type of pollution, matters related to industrial and environmental safety. There was a necessity for a control mechanism to guard against environmental threat from handling hazardous substances. The Environment protection Act 1986 was realized the protection and improvement of the environment and the prevention of hazards of human beings, other living creatures, plants and property.

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The central Govt. has the wide powers under the act to take all such measures to improve the quality of the environment and preventing and controlling environmental pollution.

Such provisions include –


Co- ordination of action by the state Government officers, and other authorities under the act. Planning and execution of nationwide programme for the prevention, control and abatement of Environmental pollution. To develop the standards of the quality of Environment. Restriction must be made upon the industries and lay down procedures and safe guards for prevention of accidents which may cause environmental pollution and remedial measures for such accidents. Examination of such manufacturing processes, materials and substances which are likely to cause environmental pollution. Regular inspection of plants, machineries, processes etc. and giving orders to the officers concerned for prevention, control of Environmental pollution.

Establishment of environmental laboratories and institutes to carry on functions laid down under the act. Preparation of manuals, codes and guides in matters of Environmental pollution.

Other provisions: The Central Govt. has notified many rules and regulations under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The regulations

Are as follows:

  1. Hazardous waste Rules 1989 provides safeguards in handling hazardous wastes.
  2. Manufacture storage and import of Hazardous Chemical Rules 1909 provides safe guards in handling hazardous chemicals.
  3. Coastal Zone Regulations Act 1991 – regulates activities in the coastal zone between the low tide line and 500m. From the high tide line.
  4. Rules for the manufacture, use, import export and storage of hazardous micro-organisms.
  5. Rules on Emergency planning, preparedness and response for chemical accidents 1996 – provides safe guard against chemical accidents.
  6. The public hearing is conducted by respective pollution control Boards. Public hearing renders transparency to the Government’s decision on developmental projects


Public liability Insurance Act. 1991 was enacted to provide for public liability Insurance for the purpose of immediate relief to people affected by industrial accidents like toxic gas release like Bhopal Gas expansion.

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