What are Renewable and Non-Renewable resources?

Energy is the source of life on earth and fossil fuels like petroleum natural gas and coal helps in the present need of energy.

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Classification of Energy Resources:

Renewable Resources are the solar energy, wind energy, hydro electric power etc. Such renewable energy resources are plenty available. The sun gives 100 million kilowatt powers to the earth. Energy from the sun is renewable and can be available plenty through thermal. Solar energy can be converted in to electricity solar energy also can be converted into chemical energy which can be stored had later used as fuel for combustion. Biomass is the total mass of living plant and animal material and is produced by solar energy through photosynthesis.

Wind power has been a popular solution to energy problems. It is pollution free generating electricity from wind is abundant source of energy by using wind turbine we generate wind energy.


Electricity is generated from harnessing water from a water fall or an artificial dam built across the river valley. The colossal amount of potential energy is extracted from water. The water gushes with a great velocity through the dams and turbines. This set in motion. The movement of vast quantities of water and the tidal force acts as a potential sources of energy.

Non-Renewable Energy Resources:

In modern times most of the electricity is produced in steam turbines by be burning of physical and material resources like coal, petroleum and gases, organic in nature, the 1 fossil power know as fossil cuels. The chief non-renewable resources are – coal, oil, natural gases etc. Coal is plenty available fossil power stored on earth and it has environmental effects, which affect the human health. Such coals are classified into – Anthracite, Bituminous, and Lignite. Bituminous as soft coal used for household fuel and lignite as brown coal commonly used for household fire. The coal is also used for extraction of ores, the manufacture of graphite, to manufacture producer gas and water gas, energy source for burning locomotive engines and the generation of electricity by thermal power plants.

Petroleum is also as a mineral oil used as energy source. By purification and fractional distillation various components are extracted from it.


Nuclear power is a source of energy drawn from the radioactive materials and enormous energy are produced. Besides electricity atomic power is used as fuel for marine vessel, heat generation for chemical and food processing plants and for space craft’s.


It is the first practical method for producing nuclear energy known as nuclear fission. When radioactive material are given heat atomic particles like neutron release large amount of energy.

Thermal power: Thermal plants use coal, petroleum and natural gas to produce electricity. These are exhaustible and more polluting.

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