What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of LGP?

It is a gaseous hydrocarbon. It can be liquefied by cooling or compressing. Principle components of LPG are-Propane, Propene, Butane, Butene, Mixture of propane and butane.

Advantages of LPG

1. It mixes better with air due to complete vaporization.

2. It does not require fuel pump in fuel supply system.

3. It does not form gum.

4. There are no carbon deposits.

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Disadvantages of LPG

1. For storage, heavy pressure cylinders are required.

2. Vehicles weight increases due to stored cylinders.

3. A special supply system is required to be used.


4. Its calorific value is lower than petrol.

5. Power generation is lesser than the power generation in gasoline engine.

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