What are the bamboo and what are its uses ?

The bamboo is a very valuable object. Out of a single root it grows in clusters. It is a long reed of a variety of grass with hollow jointed branches and a hard texture. Some varieties of the bamboo are not hollow but solid. It is a wild growth and is generally very tall in height. It grows in China, Mexico, Japan, Burma and Australia. In India marshy places are suitable for the growth of the bamboo. The wind blowing through the thick cluster of bamboos makes a sweet whistling sound.

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Huts and thatched houses require bamboos for their construction. Ladders are made of bamboos. Bamboos are used for making scaffolding or seat for workmen in the erection of houses. Mattresses, baskets, cages are made from bamboos. Solid bamboos are used for making sticks or lathis. They are smoked and oiled, heated and straightened in small workshops. Fishing rods are made of a particular variety of the bamboo. Paper kites need a thinly and finely cut bamboo for their frames. Bamboos are also used as rods of mosquito curtains. Bamboo poles are used in Shamiyanas and Tamboos or tents. Paper is made from the pulp of bamboos. Thinly and finely cut bamboo is needed for making paper lamps and also for making curtains or chicks for doors and windows.

In Japan cut or sliced bamboos are joined together and beautiful paintings are made on them. This use of the bamboo needs to be encouraged in India. In China tender bamboo shot is used in the preparation of almost every dish. In some families of India pickles are made of tender and green bamboos.


Bamboos are widely used as frameworks for cots or beds. A split bamboo reed made smooth by a sharp dagger or a large knife with dents at both ends from which baskets can be hung, is commonly used for carrying fairly heavy loads. It is said that in Japan radio sets and cycles often have their frames made of bamboos. Bamboo chairs and tables are made in India also. A piece of bamboo about a foot and a half long is sometimes used as a bottle in India. Travelling circuses show many feats like rope-dancing or rope-walking on scaffoldings made of bamboos. The bamboo is also used for purposes of fencing. The bamboo can be a source of good income to a person owing a few hundred clusters of bamboo trees. Whipping rods are also made of thin solid bamboo. Thus many are the uses of bamboos.

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