What are the causes and effects of deforestation?

Deforestation means the permanent conversion of forests by the method of postures, shifting, cultivating, agricultural land and regular cutting of trees. By extensive deforestation has hit the ecology of the state and it become waste land?

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Causes of Deforestation:

  1. Indiscriminate cutting of trees
  2. Overgrazing.
  3. Rising consumption of timber and forest products.
  4. Demand frown agricultural land and urbanization.
  5. Fires destroy full-grown trees, young trees, seeds etc.
  6. Diseases on trees.

Effects of deforestation

  1. Reduction in productivity of crop lands.
  2. Massive soil, water and Wind erosion.
  3. Shortages of firewood.
  4. Extinction of wild animal species due to change of their habitation.
  5. Causes environmental degradation and pollution.
  6. Global warming and green house effect.
  7. Nature’s balance is disrupted.
  8. Depletion of biodiversity.

Measures to check forestation:

  1. By extensive a forestation programme.
  2. Proper knowledge of ecology which includes climate conditions, composition biotic community, life cycle of important of tree species, methods of arresting the growth of undesirable trees and promoting growth of high yielding species and preventing diseases.
  3. Restricted and sustainable use of forest resources.
  4. Free forest management etc.
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