What are the causes of global warming?

Air contains 0.03 percent of carbon dioxide. However the atmosphere content of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day due to indiscriminate use of fossil fuels. This releases carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. The solar energy which reaches the earth a part of it is radiated, however carbon dioxide acts as a sheet and prevents, escape radiated heat energy which now remains in the atmosphere and it gets heated. This way temperature of the earth is increasing slowly day by day. This is to referred to as ‘Global Warming’. There are some causes for increasing global warming which are given below-

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5 important causes of global warming:

  1. The temperature of the earth increase due to increases use of, composition of fossil fuel which releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  2. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing due to the use of wood as fuel.
  3. Methane’s produced in paddy field and Murphy land by rotting and decomposition of plants by bacteria and from cow dung rotten organic derbies etc. increases temperature of the earth.
  4. CFC is used in cold storage, refrigerator, motor vehicles etc. This in turn mixes in the air. It increases the temperature at high rate.
  5. The amount of nitrous oxides increases due to deforestation and use of nitrogenous fertilizer. As a result of temperature of the air has been increasing.

Means of combing be global warming:

At a global conference in 1992, 153 nations discussed on climate changes and concluded to work towards reducing the emission of green house gases mainly carbon dioxide. The measures to be taken are as follows:-

  1. Consumption of fossil fuels to be reduced the production of carbon dioxide will decreases with the reduction of use of fossil fuels.
  2. The non-conventional sources of energy such as solar energy, wing prowess etc. should be used in place of fossil fuels.
  3. Natural gas can be used in place of coal because its carbon content is half than that of coal and contains no sulphur .
  4. Fuel efficient vehicle should be designed.
  5. The production and uses of chloro-fluro carbon should be lowered as far as possible.
  6. A forestation is another step to decrease the concentration of carbon dioxide. Because plants use carbon dioxide for manufacture of food in the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen.
  7. People should be made aware about bad effects of global warming.
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