What are the functions of State Pollution Control Board


In relation to a state the Water Act 1974 is in force and the State Govt., has constituted for that state, a state pollution control board under section-4 of the Act. In case of Air Pollution Act 1981 and Water Pollution Act 1974 the main function of the states are as follows:

KSPCB-Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

image source: kspcb.kar.nic.in/images/citchar.jpg


Functions of the State Pollution Control Board:

  1. To advice the Central Government, in any matter concerning the prevention, control or abatement of air/water pollution.
  2. To advice the State Government, on any matter to plan and cause to be executed a nationwide programme for the prevention, control or abatement of air/water pollution.
  3. To collect information relating water/air pollution and to encourage, conduct, participate in investigations and research relating to problems of water pollutions.
  4. To plan a comprehensive programme through mass media for prevention, control or abatement of air /water pollution.
  5. To inspect sewage or trade effluents, works and plants for the treatment of sewage or trade effluent.
  6. To lie down, modify or annual Effluent standards for the sewage and trade effluents and for the quality or receiving waters resulting from the discharge of effluents and to classify water resulting from the discharge for effluents and classify waters of the state.
  7. To evolve economical and reliable methods of effluents of sewage and trade effluents.
  8. To evolve methods of utilization of sewage and suitable trade effluents in agriculture.
  9. To evolve efficient methods of disposal of sewage and trade effluents on land
  10. To lay down standards of treatment of sewage and trade effluents, to be discharged into any particular stream.
  11. For prevention, control, abatement of discharged of wastes into stream or wells.

Functions of the Central Pollution Control Board:

  1. The main functions of the Central Board shall be to promote the cleanliness and improve the quality of the air/water in streams and wells and to prevent control for abate air pollution/ water pollution in the country.
  2. Advice the Central Government, on any matter concerning the improvement of the quality of air and prevention control or abatement of air pollution/water pollution.
  3. Plan and cause to be execute a nation-wide programme through mass media for the provision, control or abatement of air/water pollution.
  4. Provide technical assistance and guidance to the state boards carry out and sponsor investigations and research relating to problems of air pollution/water pollution and its control and abatement.
  5. Plan organize the training of persons engaged or to be engaged in programmes for prevention, control and abatement of air pollution on such terms and conditions as the central board may specify.
  6. Organize through mass media a comprehensive programme towards prevention, control and abatement of air pollution or water pollution.
  7. Collect, compile and publish technical and statistical data relating to air pollution/water pollution and the measures devised for its effective prevention, control and abatement and prepared manuals.
  8. Collect and disseminate information in respect of matters relating to air/water pollution.
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