What are the importance of Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the sum total of different plants and animal species in a particular placenta particular time. Importance and value of Biodiversity given below:

Importance and value of Biodiversity:

Diversity in life. Animal Kingdom is composed of plants and animals of different sizes. Out of them, some are beneficial and some are harmful. But all kinds of living organisms are required to keep the ecosystem alive. One cannot exist without others. Biodiversity is important for survival of the man. We get the minerals for food, cloth and shelter from our respective environment. Want of any one of them do affect on the life of the man. Unless all understand the importance of living being and we must know that

Biodiversity | All Kinds of Minds

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  • All food comes from plant. The green plants (exception, Euglena chrysamola etc) is capable of manufacturing food by the process of photosynthesis, energy is transferred from one tropic level to other tropic level but at a diminishing rate.
  • Biodiversity is a pool of valuable genetic resources. Breeding and improvement of species is not possible without biodiversity. Hence reduction in biodiversity results in adverse effect upon future breeding and important of species.
  • Biodiversity plays an important role in the preservation of ecosystem. So biodiversity appears to be an instrument for the prevention of ecosystem.
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