What are the Important Elements of Sustainable Development?

Continuous and persistent rise in system is known as sustainable growth It means continuous rise in the GNP of the country resulting into the rising trend in per capita income of the country.

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The objective of sustainable development is to promote development which in turn reduces the disparities in life styles. Improve global consumption and maintaining a healthy local environment and thereby contributing towards solving critical global environmental management problem.

Element of sustainable development are


1. Efficient use of natural resources

2. Education

3. Population stabilization

4. Integrated environmental systems management


5. Social and cultural changes

6. Determining environment limits.

7. Refining market economy.

8. Reduction in waste and prevention of pollution.


9. Protecting soil from pollution.

10. Reduce disparity in life style.

11. Restore land-scape.

The Five Year Plans envisages the provision of potable drinking water to every settlement in the country on a sustainable basis of the pursuit of all possible measures for the rapid expansion and improvement of sanitation facilities in rural and urban areas.

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