What are the methods of conservation of wild life?

This article describes the various types of methods we can use to conserve the wild life. And 10 Conversation strategy.

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Conservation of wild life: The conservation of wild life is possible by maintaining essential ecological processes and life supporting systems.

  • To preserve the diversity species.
  • To ensure sustainable Utilization of species and ecosystems which | support millions of rural communities and major industries.

Methods of conservation:

  1. Protection by law : Laws should be enacted to protect wild life. The Indian law for wild life conservation came into force in 1972 as the Indian wild life protection Act.
  2. Establishment of protected Areas: It is essential to establish wild life sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves to protect wild life. These places provide ideal condition for wild life.
  3. Restoration of Original habitat: Restoration of original habitat to be built in the deforested areas. Every year Vanmahostav to be observed.
  4. Better living condition: The animals are to be encouraged to live under the cover of thick grass or bushes and trees.
  5. Educating common people: Common people to be educated for the conservation and protection of wild life. This is the most effective method of preserving wild life.
  6. Training of wild management: Training of wild life forest officers, wild life ecologists is essential for conservation wild life.

Conversation strategy:

The strategies developed by the conservation Biological Diversity (CBD) are as follows:

  1. All efforts to be made to conserve threatened species.
  2. All endangered species should be protected.
  3. The wild life must be protected both in natural habitat and artificial habitats by establishing zoological and botanical gardens or parks.
  4. Varieties of useful food crops, plants, animals and microbes should be preserved for national and international breeding programmes.
  5. The wild plants and animals should be conserved as a gene bank for the later.
  6. The habits of animals should be guarded and well protected.
  7. A protected area to be established to preserve the habitat or migratory or wide ranging animal species.
  8. Unique ecosystem should be conserved on top priority basis.
  9. Ecosystem to be determined for exploited species during productive periods.
  10. International trade and commerce to be prohibited in the areas of wild animals and plants.
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