What are the roles of NGOs and international agencies of the growth of environment?

Presently, the environment is going to be polluted. There is need of environmental protection. Environmental movement encompasses all other similar social movements for peace, social and gender justice, poverty eradication etc. All the leaders of the whole world put serious emphasis upon it. The environmental movement is basically a reaction to man’s quest for economic growth.

NGO advocate alternative cooking technique to firewood -

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Role Non-Govt Organization (NGO’s):

The NGO’s all over the world are launching the Environmental movement to influence the population. The World Wild life Fund put stress on the conservation of Nature. They have primary concern for poor and margin tribal’s and indigenous people, women and other deprived, disadvantaged sections of population apart from the environment. They provide a service by educating the public about complicated matters related to the environment and development. They even take up such issues which are considered politically sensitive.

Role International Agencies:

  1. The U.N.O and World Bank have directly helped the environmental movements.
  2. The U.N. conference on Human Environment made a declaration pledging to keep the world clean, create warning system for natural disasters like floods, cyclones; earthquakes etc. prevent dumping of toxins to waters into oceans.
  3. The U.N. also set up the world commission for environment and development.
  4. The commission report emphasized the need of a concerted attack on global poverty as an integral part of the effort to protect the environment.
  5. The report made a strong plea for sustainable development, prerequisites of which are distribution of power, democratic decision making and involvement of depressed communities and vulnerable groups like women and indigenous people in the processes of democracy, development and environmental protection.
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