What are the Various Types of Pollution? And Write a Note on Air Pollution

Pollution generally classified according to environmental segment in which it is occurring. Sometimes it is also classified according to the type of pollutant by which pollution is caused. In general, there are nine different type of pollution

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i) Air pollution

ii) Water pollution


iii) Soil pollution

iv) Radioactive pollution

v) Noise pollution

vi) Light pollution


vii) Visual pollution

viii) Solid waste pollution

ix) Thermal pollution

Air pollution


The presence of one or more contaminants in atmosphere in such quantity and for such duration so that it become injurious to human health or welfare of animals or plants life industrial modernization, increase in the population and urbanization are some of the major factors responsible for air pollution.

The industries that emit a large number of pollutants in air include thermal power plant, cement, steel, refineries, petro chemicals and mines. Air is a mixture of gases in varying amounts.

Sources of air pollutant

Air pollution results from a variety of causes, may be either natural or artificial. Dust storms in desert areas and smoke from forest fires and grass fires contribute to chemical and particulate pollution of air. This is an example of artificial air pollution.

The artificial air pollutants introduced into the environment mainly by at least five major sources

i) Automobiles (N20, CO and hydrocarbons)

ii) Electrical power plants (S02)

iii) Industrial processors (heavy metals, volatile compounds)

N20, CO, SPM, VOC, Pb SOx NOx CO C02

iv) Heating plants for homes, apartments, schools etc.

v) Transportation industry

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