What is Degradation of biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the sum total of different plant and animal species in a particular place at a particular time.

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Degradation of biodiversity:

There are various causes of degradation of biodiversity as follows:

  • Environmental pollution and disaster
  • Increasing of population
  • Urbanization
  • Improvement of mechanical Utilization

It is found from different observations that about 50 species are being extinct per day.

Conservation of Bio-diversity:

Biodiversity can be conserved by two methods as follows-


In-situ conservation:

The biotic resources are conserved in their natural or reformed ecosystem. It is an ideal method of conserving biotic resources. The system of naming and management are managerial based on national forest, natural landscape, reserved biosphere sanctuary etc.

Ex-situ Conservation:


Ex-situ conservation is a method of conserving germplasm of endangered species of living beings and their culture in the laboratory for their propagation in future. In this method, the species are conserved in a place other than their habitat, such as zoo, botanical garden. Different countries establish gene bank for the conservation of tech species. The main objective of gene bank is to conserve the rare, endangered species and going to be extinct species, which are used for different needs. The objectives of gene bank are made successful through establishment of field gene bank, seed bank and cry bank.

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