What is Environmental Audit?

Environmental Audit as a basic management tool is meant for evaluation of an organization. It helps the management of an industry to evaluate the effectiveness of environmental management. The Environmental and it aims at –

  1. To assess the probable risks and obstacles associated with the malfunctioning of the pollution control equipment.

    PERM Labor Certification Audit | PERM Processing Time 2015

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  2. To assess the scope of the maximum utilization of the resources.
  3. To establish performance baselines.
  4. To set priorities and plans for the future environmental establishments.
  5. To increase awareness of the employees about their role and responsibility in the protection of the environment.

The Environmental and it follows the three basic stages like. Pre audit, site visit, and post audit. The pre-audit is a planning of the audit programme. Site visits includes meetings with staff, inspection, examination of records, to identify the waste generation pollution control measures etc., the post audit activity involves a written assessment of the facilities states, and recommendation.

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