Short Essay on Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy or water energy is the renewable energy and the energy sources are obtained from water flow, falling from water flow falling from a height. It is one of the non-polluting source of energy and can be transmitted to a long distances through wires and cables. Electricity is generated from harnessing water from a water fall or an artificial dam built across a river valley. Dams are often constructed in the far off mountain regions to achieve the greatest energy of cascading water.

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Hydroelectricity generation: Water trapped be the walls of a dam has colossal amount of potential energy and these energy is released when the sluice gates are opened and the water gushes with great velocity through the dams and turbines. This set in motion, the blade of the turbines and the shafts of the giant generators began to spin. By this about 10,000 kilowatts of electricity could be generated. Higher capacities of hydroelectric power plants are grown up to provide more than six million kilowatts of power.

In India National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is working to provide sufficient electric energy. The centre has sanctioned about 92 hydroelectric projects in India.

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