What is the Concept of Dharma on Ecology?

On the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 5) one eminent environmentalist presented the concept of Dharma on Ecology. According to him there is a need to have global ethics to meet threat to our environment. Planners must make use of this concept and educate the people over this ground, because the major challenge facing the human race is to move towards sustainability.

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Following six principles of Dharma Ecology as recognized by environmentalist are mentioned below:

(i) Protecting and nurturing renewable resources, conserving non-renewable resources and avoiding waste by exercising economy.


(ii) Fair sharing of resources amongst various countries of the world.

(iii) Creating awareness about concealed social, economic and environmental costs.

(iv) Willingly adopting sustainable way of life.

(v) Meeting genuine social needs.


(vi) Halting and reversing the arms built-up.

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