What is the need and importance of Environmental Education?

Need and importance Environmental Education:

Rapid population growth in India causes untold suffering and all related hazards. It causes pollution and the resources like air, water etc. reduce the quality of life of man. It causes resource scarce. For these reason Environmental education is need for population consciousness.

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Measures taken for consciousness:

  1. Population awareness programme should be started from villages to towns.
  2. Students are to be taught to restore and construct their surroundings. There should be a topic to educate them.
  3. The areas must be taken up are human health, family planning nutrition of child and women rural development, slum improvement, prevention of food contamination etc.
  4. The children in schools should be taught the role of trees, wild life etc.
  5. The objective based training to be made to love for plants and animals.
  6. They must be sensitive to environmental problems.
  7. They must require skills for solving environmental problems.
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