What is the Need for Public Awareness of Environmental Studies?

The enhanced pace of development activities and rapid urbanization have resulted in stress on natural resources and quality of life.

The trend of increasing pollution in various environmental media is evident from the deteriorating air and water quality, higher noise levels, increasing vehicular emission etc. Realizing the urgent need for arresting the trend, Ministry adopted Policy for Abatement of Environmental Degradation. But this is only an approach and not a movement.

Developing Environmental Awareness in Your Area | Earth Untouched

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Till movement is not effected, approach shall stand null and void. To make movement effective public support is very necessary. There is an urgent need for public awareness about cleaner environment.


It is, therefore, suggested that while imparting environmental education special attention must be paid to school going children and women because they alone constitute about 50% of the population.

They should be made aware of health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, and water and food contamination.

The main objectives of environmental education should be (i) improving the quality of environment (ii) creating an awareness among people on environmental problems and conservation (iii) creating such an atmosphere so that people find themselves fit enough to participate in decision making so that developmental programme are presented after evaluation.

However, a number of environmental management approaches have been developed with the lapse of time and the same are discussed below in a lucid manner.

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