What is the Relationship of Environmental Science with Economics?

Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and poor medical facilities are very serious and acute problems in the developing countries. Environmental pollution is another equally serious problem being faced throughout the world due to struggle for economic development. Economic development which require fast industrial development is being made everywhere in the world, in order to meet the needs of teeming millions.

What have economists done for global health? Round #1 in a battle ...

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To meet the needs of increasing population, more and more resources are being tapped from nature. Reckless use of natural resources cause disharmony between human being and the natural environment.

This is not economic growth but an attempt, hazardous to economic growth. Use of clean technology and pollution free environment ensure higher rates of economic growth because this practice leads to enhanced longevity of the people.


The Royal Society of London pointed out that the world population is growing at the unprecedented rate of almost 100 million people every year and human activities are bringing major changes in the global environment.

Sustainable development implies a future in which life is improved world-wide through economic development where local environments and biosphere are protected with the application of environmental science as it creates new opportunities for human progress.

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