What is the Relationship of Environmental Science with Engineering?

Global sustainable development requires a stabilized world population living in a secure social and physical environment. These requirements are being badly hit by engineering, technological and scientific practices such as over fertilizing the land, harvesting old grown forests, avoiding pollution controls etc.

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Environmental engineering is the technical method used to minimise pollution and other industrial hazards. The permissible limit as approved by Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board of a country is considered by an environmental engineer.

It is felt that as we move into twenty-first century, the use of technology problems will increase. Role of engineering and technology in environment matters therefore is now changing in two important areas.


These areas are Sustainable development and Preventive technology. Sustainable development primarily deals with global problems whereas preventive technology is designed to reduce the environmental effects of processes, operations and products.

Preventive technology decisions are guided by market and profit concerns, with little or no consideration for environmental and social impacts. Poor nations cannot afford the luxury of environmental control, at the cost of their health arid safety.

Environmental science tries to explain how diversified’ pollutions can be checked without causing health hazards to organisms living in this world. So its study in the field of engineering becomes quite important.

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