What is the Relationship of Environmental Science with Sociology?

Sociology is body of learning about society interacting with social groups. It is a social science which includes the study of social institutions, religions, family, values, customs, caste and habits etc.

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While living in society, man changes environment very quickly in order to meet his biological and social needs. For example a city of 1 million (10 lakhs) inhabitants require 1800 metric tons of food, 2700 metric tons of coal, 2500 tonnes of oil, 2500 metric tonnes of natural gas and 900 metric tonnes of motor fuel every day for its people.

So on the social front man tries to posse’s materials for life and for this purpose he removes raw material from his environment by way of deforestation, extraction of minerals, and erection of thermal power stations and construction of concrete jungles for habitat.


Indiscriminate construction and expansion of settlement activities collectively pose threat to the environment leading to serious problem of environmental degradation.

Environmental’science evolves the study that seeks to describe problems caused by our use of natural world. In addition, it seeks some of remedies for these problems. It tries to protect environment from hit and attack by socio­economic activities. Protection of environment with the application of environmental science is an important and focal point before society.

It teaches development without polluting the environment. It is agreed that there should be environment or development. To this the straight reply is that there should be development within the environment.

One should not find these two things separate i.e., development and clean environment. If one cannot breathe pure air, cannot drink clean water and if one has come from west and live on mineral water then there is something fishy somewhere.


Birds in this direction assist in communicating environmental pollution because their metabolic rate is much higher than those of human’s beings. They predict environmental set up of region.

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