What is weather monitoring ?

To keep a continuous track of the various atmospheric factors which constitute weather at a place is called weather monitoring. These days, weather monitoring is done by using the satellites stationed in outer space. The satellites revolving in outer space are fitted with powerful cameras which take the photographs of cloud formations in the atmosphere at short intervals and then transmit these photographs to the earth. These satellites also carry a large variety of scientific instruments which keep on collecting weather-related data in the atmosphere and send this informa­tion to the meteorological centers of the earth.

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The atmospheric photographs and other weather related data sent by the satellite is analyzed and processed at the meteorological centers and then weather forecasting (or prediction) is done for the various regions of the country. That is, it is announced in advance whether a particular area is going to have rainfall, snowfall or a cyclone. In our country, the satellite technology has already proved its potential in collecting information about the various factors of the atmosphere which govern the weather and climatic conditions. These days, weather monitoring and forecasting in our country is being done with the help of “INSAT” satellite.

The atmospheric photographs (or aerial photographs) of our country showing the cloud formations are sent by the “INSAT” satellite (which are also shown on television and published in newspapers). The aerial photographs and other weather-related data relayed by “INSAT’ satellite enables our scientists to make short-term and long-term predictions about weather in various parts of our country. So, with the help of satellites, it has now become possible to get prior information about the impending rainfall, snowfall, cyclone, floods or even drought conditions. This prior information gives sufficient time to our Government and the people to take suitable steps to minimize the loss of life and property due to these natural calamities.

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