Write a Note on Ways to Control Water Pollution

The polluted water can be detoxified and neutralized through treatment processes. The different treatment processes that control pollution are:

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i) Physical treatment

This treatment process includes phase separation method which is a three step process- logging, prolonged storage in tanks and sludge drying beds.


ii) Chemical treatment

This kind of treatment is done for complete breakdown of hazardous waste from water bodies. As a result of this treatment, chemical properties of wastes can be modified (properties like solubility and pH of sample). The technique involves oxidation, chemical reduction, neutralization, heavy metal precipitation, oil/water separation and solvents / fuels recovery.

iii) Biological treatment

The total impurities obtained from physical and chemical treatment of sewage are sludge, which is given biological treatment before disposal


iv) Solidification

This treatment process convert the liquid waste into insoluble rock-hard material and are used as pretreatment processes before landfill disposal. This is done by mixing waste with various reactants to produce a solid mass.

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