10 golden ways to improve your essay writing in examination or contest!

Learn the 10 (Ten) golden ways to improve your essay writing in examination or contest. Just don’t have a glance on the below points rather try to understand each and every point carefully. The 10 ways to improve your essay tips and trick will work for you, but more important is to focus on  “Learn what to avoid tips and tricks” points that will certainly  accelerate your essay writing skills at lightening speed.

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10 Ways for improving your essay.

  • Read the topic of the essay carefully and make sure that you understand the topic being asked. Make sure that your don’t respond to a question that isn’t asked.
  • Quickly jot down the relevant keynotes, themes, events, people, concepts or anything that is associated with the essay topic.
  • Try to remember as much information as your can about the topic. Think about those books, magazines, websites or any printouts in which you have read relevant chapters about the topic.
  • After remembering necessary informational and data jot out a preliminary thesis and outline of your major points in rough section.
  • While writing remember to always focus on the thesis of the essay. Never get diverted from the topic.
  • Introspect your knowledge about the topic and analysis the  same with the previously remembered data. This will help you to minimize errors such as your wrong notions, dates, place and time.
  • Never copy and paste paragraphs from other sources, always try to include your own analysis, perspective  and knowledge on the  topic.
  • If you are using the quotes, paragraphs of any other Author then always include his or her name in the reference. For this you can follow the Harvard system of reference.
  • Always be as specific as possible when you are  including historical information’s.
  • Be assertive and forceful in making your points.
  • In the examination or contest hall, always keep an eye on the clock so that you can have time to re-read your essay for obvious grammatical and technical errors.

Learn What to Avoid (Tips and Tricks)

  • Don’t respond to a question that isn’t asked.
  • Don’t  use “I” statements such as “I think that Document A portrays…”
  • Don’t try to prove right what is universality wrong.
  • Don’t quote long passages from the documents. Use an ellipsis “…” if you need to quote
  • Don’t try to impress the reader with big words that are used incorrectly. This has the opposite effect of what is intended.
  • Don’t spend so much time in remembering facts about the topic because you have to submit your paper within time.
  • Don’t start writing your topic until you have a good sense of your thesis and how you want to approach the question.
  • Don’t write “I ran out of time” on the bottom of your essay..
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