12 all time greatest tips about researching guidelines on your essay topic !

Before writing about the topic, try to do a deep research about the subject from 360 degree direction. Don’t just start writing about the topic without having any knowledge or information about it. For example if your essay topic is “Death of democracy” then use your own skills and 100%  potential to gather adequate information on democracy. As the saying goes “without knowing swimming don’t undress yourself; and jump into the violent river”. The below given article is worth reading, as it unveils the universal methods for effective, efficient and intelligent researching guidelines.


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Researching tips and guidelines for writing better essays


  • Understand the essay topic carefully. Read the topic at least five times, so that you don’t get mislead from the point of the essay.
  • Once you understand the essay topic, the next important thing to do, is to start reading books, magazine, articles, encyclopedias,  websites, PDF files related to your essay topic. You can also visit the Library to get more knowledge about the Topic.
  • Now you should develop certain keywords and questions to focus on your research.
  • Take the advantage of keywords. This meaning while researching or searching information over the internet you can try a variety of keywords in Google Search. (a) You can try variations (singular/plural) or synonyms of the keywords. (b) Use Boolean features (AND, OR, NOT)  (c) Look for “Search tips” provided by the catalogue or database.


Accessing Resources

  • Prepare a Resource Tracking Sheet for noting down the key factors that you derive from your research.
  • Always choose and collect the most suitable resources for research. It includes ordering print materials/books, downing articles etc.

Processing Resources

  • Now annotate bibliographic and prepare an APA reference page.
  • You can record information from the chosen resources using any suitable method of note-taking.
  • After noting down all relevant information prepare your Essay Outline with thesis statement.

Transferring Learning

  • Complete the first draft of essay with annotated bibliography.
  • Do a peer editing session of your writing.
  • Once you finish editing complete final draft of essay with annotated bibliography.
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