263 Words Essay on Tuition Menace

Schools teaching private tuition have become inseparable like the Siamese Twins. Joined together in vital parts, they are a handicap to each other rather than a help.

At the psychological level, they make students and teachers partners in a three-legged race! Neither is free, nor complete.

The present scenario makes the education dark, dismal and disappointing. Education has become a part of commerce: a trade. It is no longer a value in itself.

The menace has spread its tentacles far and wide. As a result, we witness a sordid (ugly) spectacle there are more commercial coaching centers than recognized schools! They are scattered all over society like a rash.

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The tragedy is that our schools, colleges and universities are converting themselves into coaching centers, whereas coaching centers are calling themselves as colleges and universities. Exceptionally high marks in examinations, leakage of Question Papers, and exchange of hush (bribe) money are all outcomes of mushroom growth of tuition centers.

Money apart, one question comes up like a sore thumb: Do these centers serve individual or society in any constructive way? The answer is straight and simple – No. On the contrary, they convert students into scholarly parrots! They impart instruction, not knowledge. Students cultivate their memory and mind.

The entire educational field has become, an intellectual slum. “The real aim of education,” says John Ruskin, “is to make the student behave as he should, not to fill his mind with dry facts which he does not know.”


This kind of education is akin to decorating the fingers with beautiful rings, but cutting the wrist.

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